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Template Installer

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Template Installer

Make your reMarkable remarkable.

FREE product version updates for life.

Money-back guarantee

Includes: Windows, macOS, and Linux versions

Compatible with all past and future reMarkable firmware updates!

If you are like us, and are tired of the standard templates and need more functionality. This product is definitely for you. Supports the remarkable 2.

Install templates with ease, on your reMarkable paper tablet. Drag, drop, and get productive. Use your own creations or download one from our store.

Your purchase also includes free support. If you have any issues during installation,  reach out to us and we will gladly get you up and running.

Your documents kept private and secure

Your documents are yours, and we will never do anything to violate your privacy, which includes storing or sharing anything without your permission.

Supports all major operating systems
requires a 64-bit operating system and your network must support ssh transfers.

Get detailed instructions on how to install our software here.